'Bossy Pants' Lunchtime Learning Series

Being the boss at your biz doesn't have to be overwhelming or intimidating. The Bossy Pants Lunchtime Learning Series will give you powerful, yet practical tools to help you be a better boss and transform your workplace - all delivered while you are on your lunch break! Topics include:

  • Digging for Gold - how to interview like a pro
  • You're Hired - what to include in those employment offers/contracts
  • Getting Them On Board - how to create amazing orientation programs that stick
  • You Did What?! - managing performance and behaviour
  • Don't Tell Me You're Sick - navigating health and safety, sick time and WSIB
  • It's Time To Say Goodbye - how to deliver effective terminations


Supervisory Boot Camp

Supervisory Bootcamp, one of PEAK's signature workshops, takes participants through an intensive regimen of the basics required to become an effective leader & “flex their supervisory muscles”. The program is broken into 4 “workouts”, approximately 2 hours each in length. This format is ideal for organizations that don’t have the resources or the time to have supervisors “out of the field” for extended periods of time.