PEAK training

Training is a big investment in your people, time and financial resources. At PEAK Human Resources, we offer learning and development that is energetic, engaging and fun, yet is focused on what really matters – results and practical application in the workplace. Whether you are seeking something tailored or prefer a program that is “off the shelf,” PEAK can deliver.

Personalized Learning

We know that organizations and businesses don’t necessarily want a “cookie cutter” approach to learning, therefore we’re happy to prepare a program that is customized to meet your needs. We will consult with you to better understand your employees, collaborate on desired outcomes and craft a program that exceeds your expectations.

Featured Learning

We can bring you a host of programs, such as Conflict Resolution Skills, Team Building Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Conducting Effective Meetings, Workplace Diversity, just to name a few! We have a library of over 50 training topics so contact PEAK for more information on any of these training offerings and take a step forward to having your organization reach new heights. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect with our learning programs:

Supervisory Boot Camp

Supervisory Boot Camp takes participants through an intensive regimen of the basics required to become an effective leader, allowing them to “flex their supervisory muscles.”

Modular in format, this workshop can be customized based on desired outcomes or the requirements of the organization. The program is broken into 4 “workouts,”  1 – 2 hours in length. This format is ideal for organizations that don’t have the resources or time to have supervisors “out of the field” for extended periods of time.

Beyond The Sale – How To Build Lasting Customer Relationships

With the decline of resources, customer service can often take on a life of its own, be non-existent or die a slow death! PEAK Customer Service explores the “who, what, when, where and why” of service, and how delivering amazing service can take an organization from good to great.


Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is one of a new generation of professional development tools supporting individuals and teams to work more effectively.   It is unique among other psychometric tools because it avoids stereotyping, while enabling clear communication about personal preferences using memorable colours.   Clients enjoy using it because it produces clear insight into how individuals can work more effectively with others. Individuals love it because it gives a clear, jargon free insight  into their personality.

The starting point of a Lumina Spark professional development experience is a straightforward online questionnaire which enables participants to receive a highly personalized 38-page Lumina portrait. This accurately describes who they are, and provides a practical method for reading others and quickly building rapport with them.  Its purpose is to enable human performance professionals to transform organizations by transforming their people.

Click on this link to watch a great video on why Lumina Spark could be right for your team!