Services for CEO, Manager, Supervisor

PEAK Human Resources is prepared to perform as an extension of your team, sharing HR expertise and helping you piece together your HR needs. I will join forces with you to determine the best options to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

PEAK Consulting

I often hear “If only I didn’t have to worry about managing the people side of things, I’d have time to work on other priorities to grow my business”. PEAK is your one stop shop for HR services. If you feel that you just need a few hours, a few weeks or perhaps a few months of support, PEAK is here to help to put all the pieces together, bit by bit, every step of the way.



Here are some of the great things PEAK can give you:

  • Access to a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) & HR expertise
  • Decreased workload on the HR side of the business
  •  Results driven HR service without the overhead of an in house HR department or team
  • Flexible service, either remotely or on-site

Some of the Services Available:

  • Recruitment support (drafting job ads, screening, interviewing, reference checks, attendance at recruitment events, etc.)
  • Coaching & support with employee performance
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Inquiries on Employment Standards & Compliance
  • General human resources inquiries

PEAK Training

“What if I train my people and they leave? What if you don’t train your people, and they stay?”

~ Unknown

Training is a big investment in your people, time and financial resources.  PEAK Human Resources understands that investment, and offers learning and development that is energetic, engaging and fun, yet is focused on what really matters – targeting your business goals & results, yet providing practical application in the workplace. 

Customized Training

Organizations and businesses do not necessarily want a “cookie cutter” approach to learning, so creating a program that fits your culture, and your budget, is a great option. Collaborating with you to better understand your employees, exploring and uncovering where you want to see a ‘shift’ in workplace behaviour, a program will be crafted that incites change and drives results.

PEAK Signature Programs

If you are seeking some training that can be brought to your business quickly, one of the following signature PEAK programs may be just what you need:

Supervisory Boot camp

Supervisory Boot camp takes participants through an intensive regimen of the basics required to become an effective leader & “flex their supervisory muscles”. The program is broken into 4 “workouts”, approximately 2 hours each in length. This format is ideal for organizations that don’t have the resources or the time to have supervisors “out of the field” for extended periods of time. It can be delivered over the course of 4 days or within 1 day – you get to choose!


Beyond The Sale...Creating Lasting Customer Relationships 

This is one of PEAK’s most popular workshops that really hits the bull’s eye! With the decline of resources, service can often take on a life of its own, be non-existent or die a slow death! This workshop explores the “who, what, when, where and why’s” of service and how delivering amazing service can take an organization from good to off the charts great! Participants will learn about their customer, the cost of a lost customer, how to give proactive service and what to do when things go wrong.

Lumina Spark Program

Picture this…you communicate to the team, feel that you have articulated what needs to happen, but you fight to get the results you are seeking. You ask yourself ‘How can I stop this cycle of confusion? Do I have to shout it from the mountain tops?’

Lumina Spark is a powerful exercise that uncovers personality qualities, demonstrates communication preferences within individuals and transforms team synergy into a fine tuned machine. Learners take a journey into themselves and how their traits are reflected in their lives, in their communication style and most importantly how they are perceived both personally and professionally. This program is customized, personalized and memorable, but most importantly, it is fun and gets results!